Thirty, Sixty and Hundred-Fold

“And other fell on good ground, and did yield fruit that sprang up and increased, and brought forth, some thirty, and some sixty, and some hundred” Mark 4:8

Sometimes we’re amazed and excited to see God’s instantaneous healing miracles. When we’ve seen an instantaneous miracle, we immediately think that possibly God would do the same for us. But, when you see your own healing taking longer to manifest, you’re tempted to give up thinking that you’re not going to get your healing at all.

We need to know that when the manifestation does not come instantaneously, we are not to be discouraged because Jesus let us in on a secret when He shared the parable of the sower (Mark 4:3-20)

In this parable we learn that once we receive God’s Word into our hearts regarding our situation, God’s blessings will manifest at times in progression. When we receive our thirtyfold manifestation, it means that 70 percent of that condition is still there. But some of us give up at thirtyfold because we still feel more pain than relief.

What we need to realize is that we are thirtyfold better than before, and our sixtyfold is coming real soon. Once we receive our sixtyfold manifestation, there is 40 percent that is not well. But now, we are MORE healed than we are sick, and we only need to get ready and expect the hundredfold manifestation.

When you receive faith for your healing, the healing power of God that already belongs to you as a result of Jesus’ substitutionary work on the cross begins to effect a cure for the sickness in your body. There is no doubt that you will be healed. But if you don’t receive instantaneously, that doesn’t mean at all that you’re not going to be healed. It just means it will come progressively. Thirty, sixty, and then the full hundredfold.

But you can have full assurance that you’re going to be healed. Don’t be discouraged if it’s not instantaneous. I know that’s what we all want. But isn’t it wonderful to know that we will receive our healing? We just must be willing at times to allow the healing to come at the thirty, sixty, and hundredfold way that Jesus taught us.

So, if right now you’re only seeing the thirtyfold increase in your situation, please don’t give up. The sixtyfold, then the hundredfold increases are on their way to you. Praise God for such a valuable lesson from our Lord and Savior.