None Feeble Among Them

He also brought them out with silver and gold, and there was none feeble among His tribes.  Psalm 105:37

We know from scripture that the Israelites were delivered from severe oppression and the captivity of the Egyptians the night they ate the Passover Lamb. But there was much more. Our scripture says there was NONE FEEBLE among them who left Egypt. Bible scholars tells us it was between 2 and 3 million Israelites freed that night. And out of these, NONE, not even one, came out feeble.

That’s hard to imagine when you read in Exodus how they were treated, not to mention malnutrition and the conditions they lived in. But despite the years of this oppression they endured, not ONE came out with sickness and disease or so beat down they couldn’t walk. Do you think for a moment that this would be true in the natural. There’s NO WAY. There had to be elderly folks and physical issues due to the harsh treatment. So, how could the Bible record that, “NONE WERE FEEBLE”?

I have to believe that something happened to their bodies on the night of Passover as they ate the roasted lamb. I truly believe that many of them WERE weak and sickly BEFORE the night of Passover. But I believe something happened that reversed all the effects of the harsh physical treatment, the age related conditions along with the diseases from the terrible living conditions.

I believe something happened that night that caused them to supernaturally become healthy. The children of Israel were filled with divine strength for the long journey ahead and I believe their youth was renewed like the eagle’s (Ps. 1-3:5, Isa. 40:31). Now, if that could happen for the children of Israel when all they had was a natural lamb which was only the shadow of things to come, HOW MUCH MORE should we see our bodies healed, our strength rejuvenated, and every weakness reversed when we partake of Communion? We have the TRUE Lamb of God, the SUBSTANCE and the REALITY of the shadow the Israelites believed in.

Again, HOW MUCH MORE should we have NONE FEEBLE and NONE sick among us. As you partake of Communion, receive the body and blood of the true Lamb of God and receive healing for your bodies. Glory to God.