Clothed with the Robe of Righteousness

And he shall skin the burnt offering and cut it into pieces.  Leviticus 1:6
Do you know who first clothed man with coats of skin? It was God Almighty Himself, when He found Adam and Eve hiding behind the bushes because they were afraid of Him. They had become fearful and conscious that they had sinned against God. In their sin consciousness, they realized that they were naked and that the glory of God, which had been their covering, was gone.

So, God killed an animal to clothe Agam and Eve with coats of skin (Genesis 3:21). An animal had to die, and its bloodied skin became their covering. This speaks of the blood of Jesus that covers you when He became your burnt offering. The Lamb of God did not just take away your sins. He also gave you His righteousness.

Friends, you are covered by Jesus’ blood. You are righteous by His blood. God has clothed you with the robe of righteousness, which was paid for by Jesus’ blood. I am not talking about a physical robe made of cloth. I am talking about the robe of righteousness that was on Jesus when He said to the storm, “Peace, be still.” and there came a perfect calm (Matthew 8:23-27). When healing flowed from Him to the sick and when He raised Lazarus from the dead (John 11:38-44).

When you believe that you are righteous because of Jesus’ blood, you will see the effects of wearing His robe of righteousness. You will see miracles happening before your very eyes. You become a blessing magnet, a favor or grace magnet. It is not your own righteousness, but the righteousness of Jesus which you have put on, that is attracting all these blessings of God into your life.

I want so much for my church family to have the consciousness of being clothed with Jesus’ robe of righteousness. Every day, come to God and say, “Father, I thank you that Jesus is my burnt offering. He covers me from head to toe with His righteousness. What He is to you, I AM that also. As He is now, so am I. I AM in Him.” And you will see the manifestations of the blessings of health, wholeness, protection and provision that the robe attracts. Glory Hallelujah.