God Has Divinely Arranged Your Life

God has made everything beautiful in its time, Ecclesiastes 3:11
For the born again believers who have made Jesus, Lord of their lives, nothing happens by accident. Even “chance” meetings with others are all apart of God’s plan to bring blessings into your life. I’ve seen God do things in my life that at first seemed like a coincidence but actually it was ordained by God for this situation or this individual to impart something of great value into my life.

You can see this in the divinely arranged meeting of the Shunamite woman and Prophet Elisha. It led to the prophet pronouncing over her the blessing of a miracle child even though she was barren, and her husband was old (2 Kings 4:8-17). A few years later, it was this relationship with the man of God, which saw her through another crisis when her son became ill and died. Elisha then raised her son back to life (2 Kings 4:18-37).

When God is the one orchestrating the events in your life, no evil can affect you. When famine hit the land, this lady’s family did not suffer because through Elisha, God had told them to leave the land. They went to the land of the Philistines and stayed there throughout the seven years of famine (2 Kings 8:1-2).

God can place you at the right place at the right time, even through your daily decision making. The Shunammite woman returned to Shunem after the famine had ended. She then decided to appeal to the King of Israel for help to regain her house and land which had been illegally taken by others during her absence. This decision brought her before the king on the same day that Elisha’s servant Gehazi was speaking with the king.

The king wanted to hear all about the miracles of Elisha. This gave the woman the opportunity to share firsthand with the king how Elisha had raised her son from the dead. The king was so thrilled that he then ordered the restoration of her house and land, including all the proceeds of the field from the day that she had left until then (2 Kings 8:3-6). The Lord had timed and set up everything beautifully for her.

Friends, God can also make all things beautiful in its time for you. If you will keep Him involved in your DAILY life and trust His love for you, you too will see Him guide and place you at the right place at the right time to enjoy His blessings. PTL