Yes, Jesus Knows and Understands

For we do not have a High Priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but was in all points tempted as we are, yet without sin.  Hebrews 4:15

Have you ever asked the question, “Does God really understand what I’m going through?” Have you ever wondered if God really knew what it was like to be poor, rejected by people or sick with aches and pains? We know from scripture that Jesus was no stranger to emotional or physical pain, poverty, or hardships.

He was born into a poor family. He had a dirty manger that smelled like animals for His birthplace. From an early age, as a carpenter, He knew all about working hard with His hands, standing on His feet all day long and returning home with aches in His body.

The religious leaders of His day made life difficult for Him. They challenged His authority and tested His teachings. They also called Him a glutton, winebibber, friend of tax collectors and sinners and a blasphemer (Matthew 11:19, Mark 2:7). They said that he was demon possessed and mad in John 10:20, put Him on the spot when they brought an adulterous woman to Him (John 8:2-11). They attempted to stone Him and accused Him of perverting the nation (Luke 23:2).

Have you ever been chased out of your home because of your Christian beliefs? Jesus understands what you are going through. He was chased out of His own hometown (Luke 4:29). Have you been rejected by someone you love? Jesus also experienced the pain of being denied by a loved one and betrayed by one considered close to Him (Luke 22:54-62, Luke 22:47-48).

He also knows all about the sickness you are suffering because He bore your sicknesses and pains on the cross (Isaiah 53:4). Jesus certainly understands all that we are going through because being born fully Man, He was “In ALL points tempted as we are.” He endured His sufferings for our sakes, so that we can have His peace and the anointing to rise above the troubles we are facing.

So, Jesus does understand and is well acquainted in what we must deal with in this life. That’s why He is such a great High Priest. He is able to mediate between us and the Father saying, “I’ve been where they are.” We have a perfect right standing as He took our place and gave us His position with the Father. PTL