The Main Purpose For The Resurrection

Who was delivered for our offenses and was raised again for our justification. Romans 4:25

I want to share an illustration with you to help you understand the significance of Jesus’ resurrection. Let’s say that you are living in a foreign country and one day you happen to break a major law of the land. You appeal to the King for mercy, but he says that a rule is a rule and he can’t bend it for you. But then he says, if you can find a substitute to take your punishment, three months in jail, I will allow it. By the grace of God, you find a willing substitute.

He goes to prison on your behalf and you don’t see him for some time. Weeks and months go by. Now, how or when will you know that your crime has been fully paid for? When will you be able to rest easy about your crime? It is when you see your substitute walking free again. When you see him out of prison, you will know that the sentence has been fully served. You will know that you are now justified and no one can bring a charge against you for your old crime.

No longer will you be afraid of the King or his guards coming after you because you know that the one who was punished in your place is now walking free. The Bible tells us that Christ was delivered up for our sins and raised from the dead for our justification. You may already know why Jesus died for our sins, but do you know the significance of God raising Him from the dead? Friends, Jesus, your substitute, paid the debt you could not pay.

We used to sing a chorus many years ago, “He paid a debt He did not owe, I owed a debt I could not pay, I needed someone to take my sin away. So, now I sing a brand new song, AMAZING GRACE. He paid a debt for me that I could never pay.” You see, on the cross, He bore the sins of your entire life. God put it all on Jesus and then He punished Jesus for every single one of those sins until He was fully satisfied that the price had been paid.

And because He was so pleased with what Jesus had done, He raised Him from the dead. Today, Jesus’ tomb remains empty. He is not there for He has risen. His resurrection and empty tomb will forever be our assurance that we have been fully justified. Glory Hallelujah, you NO LONGER have to be afraid of God judging you for your sins. His justice is on your side today. PTL