Knowing God's Plan & Purpose

He said, I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness, make straight the way of the Lord, as said the prophet Esaias.  John 1:23

I have been thinking and meditating on John the Baptist ever since we started the Sunday morning series, “Do you value the church”. I have really drawn from John’s words in John 3 where he said, “I must decrease, and He must increase”. That has so touched my heart as the Lord has revealed to me that we have to do the same thing. We are constantly focusing more on Jesus and less on this world.

Daily, the pull and influence of the world needs to be less and less and the pull of the Spirit of God on our hearts should become stronger and stronger. Our desires are constantly waning from this world’s glitter and our hunger is to only be about our Father’s business. Hallelujah. God has a plan for your life just as surely as he did for John the Baptist.
To be successful in life, you must find God’s plan for your life and then devote yourself to fulfilling that plan. It is not enough to simply DO YOUR OWN THING and then ask God to bless it. Pay close attention to what I’m going to say: Once you know that you are doing God’s will, you never have to ask Him to bless it. Some may have a problem with that because they’ve always been taught that unless God blesses something, there’s no value to it. And although that’s true, the actual TRUTH is, God’s will is ALREADY blessed.

Let’s think some more about John the Baptist. He knew who he was and what he was called to do. This was one of the keys to his success. Unlike most of us, John did not have an identity crisis growing up. He knew God’s plan and purpose for his life from the beginning and he literally spent his entire life preparing for it.

The Lord created you with a purpose in mind. The moment you were born, God already had a plan and a divine purpose for your entire life. The talents and seemingly natural abilities that you have were given to you to fulfill His purpose. Now, although you may find limited success using these talents for your own personal uses, you will never find your true potential until they are directed and anointed by and for the Lord.

Here is an awesome thought to know, behold, and never lose the impact and effect of it’s truth. GOD WANTS TO REVEAL HIS PERFECT PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE TO YOU MORE THAN YOU WANT TO KNOW IT. You can rest assured that if you ask for knowledge of His plan for your life, you will receive it (Matthew 7:7). He will also show you His good, acceptable, and perfect will for every move you make in this life (Romans 12:1-2). Friends, this is very good news for us all who are seeking God’s best for our lives. Thank you, Jesus.