How is Your Mind Doing?

We have the mind of Christ. 1 Corinthians 2:16

How many times have you heard people in their 50’s,60’s,and 70’s say things like, “My memory is just not what it use to be, I must be getting old”. Maybe if we’re honest some of us may have said it ourselves. But, where does it say that as you grow older, you are supposed to start forgetting things?  

I remember reading about Kenneth E. Hagin when he was in his eighties how that he still was healthy and strong. Those who have heard him minister know that he has an amazing memory to where he could recall specific details such as the day of the week that a specific date fell on and even the time it happened. Even at the age of 80, his memory was superb.

Brother Hagin once shared how he had started to forget things when he was in his fifties. He had read a medical journal which said that everyday millions of cells in our brains die. He didn’t realize it, but those words got in his spirit and he started to forget things.  
So, in prayer one day he ask the Lord, “What is happening to me?” And the Lord said, “You read that article and you believed it.” He repented and ask the Lord what he should do. The Lord said, “Confess My Word. The Lord went on to say, “My Word says that you have the mind of Christ and that the mind of Christ never forgets”.

He started to confess that he had the mind of Christ regularly and that was how his memory remained sharp for the rest of his life. We’re also told in Proverbs 10:7 that “The memory of the JUST is blessed”. So, determine to speak that instead of confessing negative words concerning your mind and memory.

My friend, the Word of God says that you have the mind of Christ. The mind of Christ is not old, slow or forgetful. I don’t care how old you get. You don’t have to become forgetful. Don’t believe and confess what natural voices are saying in magazines and journals when they contradict the Word. Believe and confess the Word of God which brings LIFE.  

We’re also told in Proverbs 18:21 that “The power of life and death are in the tongue”. So, use your tongue for LIFE. Don’t sit around saying, “I am getting old and forgetful. But instead, “Say, “I have the mind of Christ. My mind is sharp, alert, and quick because it is the mind of Christ”. Believe it, confess it, and see your thinking and memory live up to it.