Get healthier and stronger daily

So, continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, they ate their food with gladness and simplicity of heart. Acts 2:46

When reading about the early church, you find out they would meet every day, corporately in the temple or from house to house. And when they met, the Bible tells us they would BREAK BREAD. They were taking communion and took it every day.  

I am not saying that you must take Communion every day, but if you feel led to do so or just want to, it is certainly a good idea. Here is something important about taking Communion; if you are sick, you can be made well on a gradual basis. This means that you get healthier and stronger from day to day. Like seed being sown that produces first 30-fold, then 60-fold, then a 100-fold. (Mark 4:20)
Taking Communion can be like a seed sown that progressively produces positive results in our bodies. Of course, we can receive healing through the prayer of faith (Mark 11:24), but it sometimes puts pressure on you because it requires us to believe for an immediate manifestation. There is nothing wrong with the prayer of faith of course, but sometimes we find ourselves thinking that we must believe that we receive complete healing right now.

This is the wonderful thing about Communion. It allows you to receive a measure of healing every time you partake in faith, so that you get better and better daily. The more you take it, the better you become. This releases you from the pressure to believe that you receive it all at once. God is so good to meet us on our level of faith.  

Now, do not misunderstand me. There will always be times when the manifestation of healing is immediate and complete. If it happens that way, praise God. But if not, we do not have to be overly concerned. The more you partake, the better you will become.  

I have heard of people who take Communion three times a day, just like they would medicine. Is that over doing it? I do not think so. If you are very sick and you are diligently taking your doctor prescribed medication three times a day, why not give the Lord’s supper the same amount of attention? This will boost your recovery rate. So, friends, the next time you eat the bread and drink the cup, you may just find your sickness or disease is totally gone. Praise God forever. Communion is a powerful truth that we need to continue to study and draw from. I believe It can be, and is, a life changing experience.