The ending and beginning of a great year

So many people would have a hard time saying that this past year was a great year. That makes me so proud that I am a man of faith, and I don’t have to judge what is good or bad by the situations and circumstances that we have had to deal with. It has been a great year because our Heavenly Father never changes, regardless of how difficult the times are.  

Also, His Word hasn’t changed and WILL WORK for anyone who will work it by believing it in their heart and speaking it out of their mouths. God spoke so clear to me at the beginning of the pandemic that if His Word that I’ve studied, hid in my heart and have been ministering over the past 40 years would not take me through this, then I really didn’t have much of substance anyway.  

God was simply reminding me that He is not limited by the negative forces released in this world by the enemy. He’s not moved by a pandemic any more than He’s moved by anything else the enemy tries to manipulate us into. God never changes nor does His promises. The Bible is clear saying there is no shadow of changing with Him. He says of Himself, “I CHANGE NOT.”  

So, because we can enter into faith, we can enter into rest regardless of what’s going on around us. For the Bible conscious believer, there has been a rest available throughout everything we’ve had to deal with. We simply cast our care on Him knowing He cares for us.  

I am extremely excited about this upcoming year of 2022. I am totally convinced we are going to see a lot of what our hearts have longed for. I’m certain we will witness more and more of the glory of God in our services. The Word and the anointing will have a greater effect than most of us have experienced in our lifetimes. It will enhance the days of the week following our services.  
It’s so important that we yield ourselves to the anointing through our Praise and Worship and to the Word. As I’ve mentioned in services, we all need to break out of our comfort zones and enter into a greater place of worship. God inhabits the praises of His people. No one has ever had to wait on God. God has always been waiting on us and I assure you, He’s waiting on us now to reach and demand of ourselves to seek Him in a deeper way and give our all to Him. He is so willing, ready and able to take you to a higher level of praise to where you will lose the consciousness of this world and it’s activities and sense the very heartbeat of God. James told us to draw nigh to Him and He would draw nigh to us.

As your Pastor, I’m strongly urging and encouraging you to leave all that seems to be important in this world and focus on God and let Him reveal to you His love, care, protection and presence. We are in for a awesome, wonderful 2022.  

Please always know how much Deb and I love you and we are always available.