Is It God's Will to Heal Everyone

…For I am the Lord that health thee.  Exodus 15:26 (Read full verse)

There are still so many Christians who are not convinced that God still heals today. If they do believe He heals today, they’re not sure it’s His will to heal everyone. To the true student of the Word, there is overwhelming evidence that not only says it’s God’s will to heal today but that it’s His will to heal all who come to Him seeking healing for their body.

God’s will to heal is plainly seen in Mark 1:40,41, when the leper came to Jesus stating, “If it’s Your will, you can make me clean.” Jesus said, “I WILL” (or it is MY will). As Jesus spoke, the leprosy departed. You notice that Jesus didn’t have to take time to pray and find out if it was God’s will or not. He just simply replied, I WILL!

We’re told more than once that Jesus never said or did anything without knowing what the Father said and did in any given situation (John 5:30, 10:25, 10:32, 14:10). So, whatever Jesus did while on earth, it was the will of God. In John 6:38, Jesus said, “He only came to do the Father’s will, not His own will.” So, specifically speaking, for Jesus to heal the man in Mark 1, He has to be doing the will of the Father because He said that is the reason He came.

People have tried to explain healing away because they didn’t know how to appropriate the “Word of God” concerning healing. The easiest way to justify why nobody gets healed in their churches is to say that healing is not the will of God for today. Most Christians think healing went away when the disciples and the Apostle Paul died. So, it’s been accepted that healing is not apart of this modern church world.

How sad it is to make such a claim just because of ignorance of the Word. (We’re all ignorant in some areas. We can only walk in the light of God’s Word that we have received). Thank God it is His will that we be healed today just like it was when Jesus walked the earth. God does not change, alter or modify His ways and His will. Nor does He evolve to where He changes to adapt to modern times. God has always been, He is now and He always will be the same. His will is still the same as it always has been.

Hebrews 13:8 tells us that Jesus also is the same yesterday, today and forever. I have accepted Him just as He is today, my HEALER. I have accepted Him as my HEALER just as I accepted Him as my Savior and Lord. Glory be to God forever. He never changes. Aren’t you glad? What a glorious truth to behold.