The Word Became Flesh

Making the Word of God of none effect through your traditions…  Mark 7:13

The Christmas season is the perfect time to consider the miraculous virgin birth of Jesus. However, the truth about His birth sometimes gets lost in our Christmas traditions. Jesus warns against making the Word of God of none effect by the influence of traditions. I believe many of the Christmas traditions we have today distract us from understanding some of the greatest truths in the Bible.

These traditions have overwhelmed the real message of Jesus coming to this earth. But I tell you, Jesus becoming a man is the greatest miracle of all. When considering this miracle, there is a question I used to wondered about. Why did Jesus have to come to earth? You see, it was a man, a physical human being who had been given authority on the earth by God.

Therefore, it was necessary for a man with a physical body to take back that authority. God had given absolute dominion to Adam and Eve. He took His power, His right to rule and control the earth and gave it to physical human beings. The integrity of God causes Him to never violate His Word. So when Adam and Eve disobeyed God, He could not violate His Word to save man from the terrible problems that would come from their decisions.

Yet God knew it was going to happen and already had a plan in place to reconcile man back to Himself. The virgin birth of Jesus was completely natural in every respect except one. It was not the seed of a man. The seed was the Word of God. The Word became FLESH. All that had been prophesied about Jesus became the SEED. God’s Word is LIVING and ALIVE at this very moment in time.

That’s why His Word is health unto all your flesh and life to them that find it RIGHT NOW(Proverbs 4:22). He sent His Word to heal you and deliver you from destruction. And for those who will place His Words in their hearts and allow those seeds to conceive, they will in time see the manifestation of what they believe in their hearts and speak with their mouths.
So this Christmas, I hope you’ll take time to step back from the traditions that don’t really have anything to do with the miracle of Jesus’ birth and take time to ponder the power of God’s Word becoming flesh. Miracles in abundance are waiting for you when you begin to understand the miracle of Jesus’ birth.  

Deb and I want to wish you the Merriest of Christmas’s and the Lord’s blessings to enhance and make for the Happiest of New Year. We love you more than we can find words to express. God’s richest and best be yours in 2023.